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Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes

in Feedback-Forum 21.11.2020 07:23
von ylq • 21 Beiträge

When you first enter the nose, you feel that your nasal cavity becomes tight, and afterwards, it is relaxed when you loosen it; then fast in and out and take two puffs. The flue gas inlet is well formed Marlboro Cigarettes, and the throat is smooth. The strength is moderate Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and it is soft, but Not very delicate, but there is no sense of miscellaneous air, just a little bit spicy. I feel that the original tobacco fragrance is more obvious when inhaled, but the fragrance is more prominent when you breathe out; when you smoke in the middle, the tobacco fragrance becomes lighter and stronger, the smoke is full, the large circulation into the lungs is satisfactory, and the smoke is soft and long. After breathing out for a while, the aroma between the mouth and nose is still obvious; after a few breaths, the smoke in the air exudes a faint scent of fragrance. The smell is very good. After one drink, the aftertaste of the mouth is still tuned for a short time. The fragrance is clean and natural afterwards, but the throat and nasal cavity are slightly grainy. It fully embodies the essential fragrance of high-end tobacco, the aroma is rich, elegant, plump, and delicate, which is suitable for the needs of middle and high-end consumers. Tobacco has a strong smell, smooth smoke, average entry into the throat, average burn resistance, and less flavor and flavor. A good cigarette is too dry. The design of the details is very exquisite, the main color is red, giving people a grand and dignified feeling. The cigarettes are beautiful Marlboro Gold, and the cigarette filter has a circle of small holes that seem to be anti-counterfeiting, and the logo printed on it can be seen when the plastic wrapper is removed. This cigarette is considered to be one of the most popular cigarettes. If you get used to this, you can only smoke more expensive and good cigarettes. If it is a little bit worse, you will feel that the taste is not mellow. Ignite and ignite, the soft and mellow smoke flows into the mouth, pause for a while and fully contact the various sensory parts, and then slowly exhale from the nasal cavity. It feels that the smoke is soft and smooth, round and full, and there is no burning or scraping in the nasal cavity when the smoke passes through the nose Rub it and feel, the smoke is refreshing and pure when you exhale, the aroma is fresh and pleasant, and the aftertaste is slightly sweet. Next, take a big mouthful and directly enter the lungs. The smoke inlet is full and full, does not drift, and the strength is medium. It enters the throat smoothly without the slightest irritation. The lungs feel relatively full, the smoke is round and soft, and the clustering is very good. It flows smoothly from time to time, the smoke is pure, delicate and elegant when exhaled, the aroma is mellow and full, and the sweetness is obviously stronger than the last bite. After that, the large and small cycles alternate, until the end of the smoke is consistent, the mouth is comfortable after inhalation, the aftertaste is comfortable and pure, the taste is sweet, and it is a pleasant journey to inhale.
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Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes

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